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Our customers are the top priority. We comply with all sanitary and hygienic requirements, show care and vigilance towards our guests
the same way we do for our loved ones. We care about the safety of the services provided.

Every morning we start with the disinfection of cars and the treatment of interiors, and we repea the procedurest
after each trip. Our vehicles are provided with hand antiseptics and personal protective equipment.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Switzerland!

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Geneva Fountain

Geneva FountainOn Geneva Lake opposite the embankment, there is the symbol of Geneva – Jet d’Eau fountain (“the water flow”). It can be seen from almost any point and as popular with the Swiss as the Eiffel tower is with Parisians. Most official and charitable events in Switzerland use the image of this fountain for their symbols. The fountain is a powerful water jet that spurts 140 meters upwards. Every second, the pumps lift up about 500 liters of lake water.

Originally, this attraction used to be located in a different place and was built not for the beauty purpose, but for use. In the middle of the XIX century, a hydrotechnical network was built in Geneva, which was supposed to provide the growing city with electricity. The station supplied electricity not only to residents, but to more than 100 workshops and factories as well. At the end of each working day, when factories closed and machines were stopped, the excessive pressure appeared in the system that threatened to destroy the turbine. To reduce the risk, a safety valve was designed that drained excess water from the system. That time, the fountain jet was only 30 meters high. But even being that high, the fountain quickly became attracted curiosity and interest of many Geneva residents.

The fountain became so popular that the city council decided to turn it into a tourist attraction. For this purpose, the fountain was moved to another location and a more powerful pump was installed, making it possible for the water to rise as high as 90 meters. In 1951, the fountain power was once again increased and now the fountain jets rise 140 meters upwards. The fountain water is saturated with air, so it looks white, bur not dark as in the lake. Each water drop remains in the air for about 16 seconds before falling into the lake, so at any given time, 7 tons of water are “hanging” in the air.

Not long ago, the fountain was equipped with a led lighting system. In general, the fountain has always had illumination since its very opening; however, the modern system offers a palette of 65 thousand colors and shades. The fountain is operated by a team of 5 people, with several retired volunteers helping them, who are passionate about industrial progress and are responsible for turning the fountain on and off.

The fountain location makes it possible for everybody to see it from every side. You can walk along the embankment or watch it from a holiday cruiser. The closest approach to the fountain is from the Quai du Mont Blanc. Viewing deck offers a good view of the city pier. You can even stand next to it, but you should be ready to be wet with water from head to toe if the wind changes direction.

The fountain is open all year round from 10 am to 4 pm in winter and from 9 am till sunset in summer, but it is turned off during bad weather conditions and due to maintenance operations, and it is closed for repairs from late October to mid-November. Every year in September, the birthday of Jet d’Eau fountain is celebrated; on this occasion, a fair is held on the embankment and guided tours to the pumping station that powers the fountain are offered.

Guided tours offered by our company are the best way to see all the beauties of Switzerland. As a matter of convenience, you can order a transfer service in comfortable executive class cars.  

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Transfer from airports in Switzerland, Austria and Germany to all destinations in Europe

We provide transfer services in Switzerland, Austria and Germany from the following airports: transfer from the airport Geneva and Zurich ; Transfer from the airport Innsbruck and Munich . We also accept orders for transfers from other airports to Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
Our main task is to save you from unnecessary troubles and provide the maximum level of comfort.

    Why is the transfer the most convenient way to get from the airport to your destination?
    Here are a few reasons:
  • Impeccable punctuality: you do not have to spend a minute of your time waiting. If your plane landed at 18.00, this is the time when our driver will be waiting for you;
  • Safety and comfort: you will not have to travel with a random taxi car – our driver will meet you at the airport with a sign and take you to a car prepared especially for you;
  • Possibility to choose. What are your travel preferences? Do you prefer prestige class comfort or a reasonable saving? Our fleet offers cars for every occasion!
  • We work with individual travellers as well as with small groups of tourists.

VIP and premium transfers in Switzerland and Europe.

Have you decided to relax and forget about work and worries at a resort? Start relaxing already at the airport – let us take care of you! Our transfer services will help you not to think about how to get to the hotel.

Main benefits of the transfer to the resorts:

  • Our driver will meet you directly at the airport – you do not have to look for a bus or taxi to get to the place of your long-awaited rest;
  • We will certainly help you with your luggage;
  • You can choose the capacity and class of the car in advance – there are both practical economy models and prestige class cars in our fleet. We are also able to accommodate groups in spacious minivan;
  • Transfer to the resort is fast, safe and convenient. You do not have to look for a train or bus and haggle with taxi drivers.

Service for delegations and business groups. Business Transfer from international airports in Europe.

Business transfer is the most convenient way for a large group to arrive from the airport to the destination place on time. When travelling in groups, you probably often faced the issue of not having enough space, leaving someone behind or getting lost on the way to the hotel. Transfer is a great solution to these problems, and here is why:

  • Smooth organization: your group will be met in the arrival area, and all together you will go to the car or minivan;
  • Punctuality: you will not need to wait for a taxi or bus: by the time the plane lands, our driver will already be there;
  • Reliability. You can rest assured: the ordered bus will not leave without you. At the appointed time you will be in the right place.

VIP transfer

Are you used to travelling in comfort and style? For the most sophisticated customers we have prepared a special offer: VIP transfer from the airport to anywhere in the city or country. Luxury car, experienced and polite driver, help with luggage and other important details – we will take care of absolutely everything. Safety and utmost confidentiality.

What is VIP transfer:

  • Modern, prestigious car with the maximum comfort service: spacious leather interior, individual air conditioning system, music of your choice;
  • Experienced and polite driver who speaks your language. He will not only take you to your destination, but can also advise on the best restaurants, interesting excursions and places to visit;
  • Drinks during the trip of your choice - we take care of our VIP clients and do everything to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the trip.

Transfer to the hotel

Individual transfer to the hotel is a new level of comfort for you and your loved ones! You do not have to wander around the airport, look for a bus or train, get into a car with dubious taxi drivers. Our driver will meet you in the arrival area and you will not have to worry about anything else.

Benefits of the transfer to the hotel:

  • You will be met in the arrival area with a sign and taken directly to the hotel – you will certainly not get lost in the airport or in the city;
  • Comfortable car, which you can choose yourself – from practical economy to luxury prestige class;
  • Help with luggage – you do not have to rush around the airport with heavy suitcases and then load them into a special compartment of the bus – our driver will take care of it for you;
  • Favourable price – usually, an individual transfer from the airport to the hotel is cheaper than a taxi.


Excursions with Swisstrip guides are the best way to see all the beauties of Switzerland. You can order a comfortable car or minivan for an extensive excursion for several days or go on a small day trip to interesting places.

Why Swisstrip:

  • We work only with certified licensed guides, and each of them is a high-class specialist in Switzerland;
  • Excursions with our guides go beyond history of the country and popular attractions. Our guides will tell you interesting stories that you will not hear anywhere else and show you "secret" places that no one else will bring you to;
  • Comfortable travelling – you will be able to choose the class of the car in which you will travel.